10 Top Tips For Caring For Your Teeth

Children’s teeth are been destroyed by drinks. The Natural Hydration Council commissioned a survey that reveals that two in three drinks taken by primary school children are bad for their teeth, and that water accounts for only a quarter... ... [Read more....]

Tips for Keeping Your Metabolism High

Part of feeling good can include looking our best, and keeping the metabolism as high as possible at all times is an easy way to avoid any unnecessary weight gain. Some of this beyond our control, such as the fact that men naturally have a... ... [Read more....]

12 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Kidney

The kidneys are vital organs which are needed to maintain healthy living. Currently, about 1 new case of kidney failure is seen daily in any outpatient clinic in Nigeria with some clinics seeing more than 3 new cases every day. Living with chronic... ... [Read more....]

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